Monday, April 12, 2010

Researching those "common" folk

Frankly being descended from numerous "common folk," I have always found them fairly interesting, just as interesting as the "well-known and well-to-do."

Some common folk left a surprising amount of records behind, especially if they owned a small house or piece of property. It's researching the day-laborers and factory workers that can be difficult.

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  1. Hi ya, I found my Ancestors very interesting, probably because I love anything Antique & the History of it, LOL

    Have Never found any Famous folks, not even any "infamous" ones, just plain common people, mostly farmers and pretty good folks, have not found any horse thieves or stage robbers YET!

    My fathers "Welton's were mostly English and were here in the 1600,s that was fairly easy as they were already well documented in Waterbury, CT History books, My Mercers were English Quakers they kept good records too

    Its my Irish Ancestors that have me stumped, my PA Ancestors are mostly Swiss-German and not much in the way of records especially birth & Marriage Ta' Shar